Here is some feedback from previous competitions.


“It’s a great idea and very rewarding even if your story is not a winner.”


“It is a fun way of competing with others. I enjoy writing but never get around to actually creating anything. This yearly competition gives me something to write for, a reason to express myself and actually getting somewhere with it. I think it is also a very good learning experience. I have learned a lot about writing and the art of keeping a story short as well. So I recommend this.”


“Thank you for organizing this. it is the impulse sleepy souls need.”


“I was interesting in finally realising a dream to be published and to show people some of my work and my own character.”


“The constraints of the competition motivated me to actually write a story I had in mind for years, and I like writing in English.”


“I entered the competition because I loved to write stories and books. I liked the feeling that you can write your story about whatever you want.”


“It was an getting out of my shell experience for me. I wanted to be brave enough to submit. and I submitted my work even if I saw that I should have constructed my short story better and worked on the theme of the short story more intensely.”


“Congratulations, it is a nice initiative and a successful execution. One can feel the hard work behind it.”