18 and Over Non-Native Speaker WINNER — 2019


“A Sweet Tale of Lonely Souls”

by Lisa DUPUIS




If I am to be ashamed of anything, it might very well be the reason why I love her. Yet when I met her, she was only a wicked witch; it’s funny how you get attached to someone who enjoys keeping you chained.

I was wandering alone in the woods at night. I know how foolish this must sound. We all know how it ends. Except this time it was different.

So, as I was saying, I was wandering in the woods on a fresh summer night, all by myself. I really didn’t expect anything to happen in this gloomy atmosphere, being myself a great fairytale-sceptic. The trees were harbouring insects as they chirped at the half-crescent moon. Nothing special, you’d say, if one forgot to mention the music I could hear from afar.

It sounded peculiar, but above all I noticed the sound came from a heavy bass system. As I had gone very deep into the woods and far from civilization, I was most surprised to come across a party. The music was getting nearer and more precise; I thought I heard a recorded feminine voice over the boom-clap beat. Indeed, very peculiar to hear in a strange forest in the middle of the night.

As I walked on, my steps were being covered more and more by the noise, and I thought I was only a few feet away from the source now: I braced myself to see the Fun-Gingerbread House where the witch might use night club music to attract bigger children. Instead, I found a Not-So-Fun Gingerbread House where the old-maid witch needed to find a way to forget her loneliness.

So, curious that I am, I resolved myself to knock, but the gingerbread door crumbled under my fist. I noticed the strawberry doorbell and rang it: the music stopped.