Judges for 2021


Jennifer K Dick

Jennifer K Dick is the author of Lilith: A Novel in Fragments (Corrupt, 2019), Circuits (2013) and Fluorescence (2004) as well as 6 chap/artbooks. That Which I Touch Has No Name is forthcoming in London. Her short stories have appeared in literary magazines such as Obit (Australia), Fringe, Paris Times, Hitoki Paris, Jack Mackerel, %ofNil and Upstairs at Duroc. She has worked as a literary editor and reader for Versal Magazine and book press (Amsterdam), Upstairs at Duroc (Paris), The Colorado Review (USA) and others. She has taught Creative Writing Workshops for WICE, the Paris Writers Workshop, Kent’s Paris in The Arts program and will be doing a workshop here in Strasbourg in January 2021. She has also guest taught at Naropa, LIU Brooklyn’s MFA program and others. Among the novelist and nonfiction writers whose first books came to life in her workshops, she notes Barry Kirwan, Chris Vanier, Laurel Zuckerman, Janet Skeslien Charles and Marie Houzelle. She also teaches writing, Literature and Civilization at the Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, runs the Ivy Writers Paris reading series and co-organizes Ecrire L’Art with the Kunsthalle-Mulhouse.


Barry Kirwan

Barry gained his psychology doctorate in the study of human error, and had four academic books published (Elsevier; Taylor & Francis) before turning his hand to fiction, where he writes in two genres. In science fiction his four-book Eden Paradox series has sold over thirty thousand copies, and was followed by a thriller series set in London, Moscow and Hong Kong (HarperCollins). His recent crime novel The Dead Tell Lies (Bloodhound Books) concerns serial killers, and draws heavily from his psychology training, with the sequel due in Autumn 2021. His new science fiction series debuts in January 2021. Although a novel writer, he loves the short story format, which is how he got hooked on writing. For him, even when writing a novel, “every chapter is a short story.” 


Helen E. Mundler

Helen E. Mundler has a PhD and an Habilitation in British contemporary literature, and is Associate Professor of English Studies at UPEC. She is the author of two critical books, one on the work of A.S. Byatt (Harmattan, 2003) and one on Liz Jensen (Boydell and Brewer, 2016). Her current research is on rewritings of the Noah myth in climate change literature, and she recently worked on this in America as a Fulbright research scholar. She has also published two novels, Homesickness (Dewi Lewis, 2003) and L’Anglaise (Holland House, 2018), as well as several short stories. At present she is revising a third novel.