Awards Ceremony 2017

Every competition cycle culminates in the Awards Ceremony, where the 20 shortlisted writers are all invited and where they excitedly await the announcement of the winners and runners-up in each of the four categories. Additionally, the winning writer in each category is asked to read his or her story to the audience. It’s a great opportunity to share in the excitement of the announcement of the winners, to hear the winning stories read by their creators, to mingle with the finalists, judges, and organizers, and, of course, to purchase a copy of the annual book containing the current year’s shortlisted stories.  All of this accompanied by light refreshments.

The 2017 Awards Ceremony was no different.  It was held on Friday 28 April 2017 at 6.30 p.m. at the Munsterhof in Strasbourg. The ceremony was preceded by some beautiful choral music from the mezzanine level.  The shortlisted writers from each category were called onstage  for the announcement of the winners and runners-up for their category.  The following is a list of the winners and runners-up who were recognized:

Under 18, Non-Native Speakers

“Saturday” by Anne CARBIENER – Winner

“The Artist” by Joshua DRANESAS – Runner Up

Under 18, Native Speakers

“The chipper flipper and the civil cynic save Sunnydale – sort of” by Hannah SMITH – Winner

“Acid Rain” by Estelle BRANNAN – Runner Up

18 and Over, Non-Native Speakers

“Do Panic. An Island Survival Guide” by Marlene JÄGER – Winner

“The End” by Jasmin HEISING – Runner Up

18 and Over, Native Speakers

“Unexplored Territory” by Mary GORMAN – Winner

“The Tick” by Mike WRAITH – Runner Up


Below are some photos taken during the ceremony.  The Competition Committee would like to express its gratitude to Christian Fleck and John Kerridge for their hard work the night of the ceremony in taking these photos.