An announcement from the Organising Committee

For the past ten years, the Organizing Committee has offered its short story writing competition to the Strasbourg area, even through the challenging COVID years. And now, after its ninth competition, the Committe can look back over the years and proudly say it has stayed true to its purpose of helping others to free their writer within.

Life brings change, however, and the Committee has not escaped its reach. Certain of our members whose invaluable contributions have helped build the competition over the years have decided to move on. For this reason, the Strasbourg Write A Story competition will be on hiatus for a year, to reorganize and replenish our ranks.

Although no competition is forseen for 2024, the Committee will continue to find ways during its hiatus to encourage writers to write. Subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on what we will be offering as well as the status of our reorganization. And, as always, keep writing.

Strasbourg Write a Story 2023

Buy the 2023 Book

Our latest compilation of the competition’s shortlisted stories, Short Stories from Strasbourg 2023: Top 20 Stories, is available for sale here! And don’t forget that you can likewise order our other compilations from years two through eight on our online store. (Unfortunately, copies of the first year’s compilation are no longer available.)

Our Free Writing Workshops

For those of you who haven’t attended one of the free writing workshops that the competition offers, they are designed to give your writing a little boost and help you to get a head start on your story for the competition.  They are geared towards adults, whether native or non-native speakers, and are meant to teach, guide, and inspire you, the writer.  The workshops are free of charge. Click here for more information and to register. 

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