Winning Stories 2015

At the second annual Awards Ceremony, held once again at the Librairie Kléber on April 23, 2015, the three judges awarded prizes to the winners and runners-up in each of the four categories.

The task this year of selecting the winning stories was even more difficult, given that there 101 entries, an increase of over 50% from the previous year.  After several weeks deliberation, the judges provided the short-list to the organising committee, who announced the 20 short-listed stories to the public.  The winners and runners-up, however, were kept under wraps until the Awards Ceremony.

At the ceremony, before an audience of 100-plus attendees, the judges announced the following winners and runners-up in each category.

Winners and runners-up in each category

To read each winning story, simply click on its title below.

Under 18, non-native speaker

  • WINNER — Like a Game” by Marine SABOURIN
  • RUNNER-UP — “Life As It Is” by Gasper ZIMBREK-TURKOVIC

Under 18, native speaker

  • WINNER — “It Is” by Alice NEVILLE
  • RUNNER-UP — “Same Difference” by Emma JANSON

18 and over, non-native speaker

  • WINNER— “Tropical Delight” by Birgitt KRUMBOECK
  • RUNNER-UP — “The Lift” by Bohumila OTTOVA

18 and over, native speaker

  • WINNER — “Donkey Derby” by Larne SHIELDS
  • RUNNER-UP — “The Good Day” by Siobhan MURPHY

The Short-listed Stories

The Competition Committee and the judges would like to congratulate all 101 writers who entered this years’ competition, especially the short-listed writers listed below, for their contribution in making this first effort a success.

(in alphabetical order by writer)

Under 18 Years Non-Native

  • “The Odyssey of Wolves” by Timothe DUNN
  • “Blue is the Strangest Colour” by Julia KOPINSKA
  • “Pandora’s Box” by Gador RAMOS
  • “Like a Game” by Marine SABOURIN
  • “Life As It Is” by Gasper ZIMBREK-TURKOVIC

Under 18 Years Native

  • “Same Difference” by Emma JANSON
  • “Storytime” by Lorna KLEINSORGE
  • “The Path to Hate” by Naomi LITOLFF
  • “It Is” by Alice NEVILLE
  • “Safe?” by Antigone PAPPAS

Over 18 Years Non-Native

  • “A Pilgrim’s Tale” by Thobias BERGMANN
  • “A Dream Come True” by Benoit BERNARD
  • “Tropical Delight” by Birgitt KRUMBOECK
  • “The Lift” by Bohumila OTTOVA
  • “Summer Dreams and Winter Prayers” by Andrei Ilie POPESCU

Over 18 Years Native

  • “L’Anglaise” by Marise BOYLAN
  • “Living the Part” by Mary GORMAN
  • “The Good Day” by Siobhan MURPHY
  • “No Hard Feelings” by Mark NEVILLE
  • “Donkey Derby” by Larne SHIELDS