Winning Stories 2017

The winners and runners up for the 2017 SXB Write A Story Competition were announced at the Awards Ceremony, which was held at the Munsterhof in Strasbourg on Friday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m. As in previous years, the winners read their stories to the audience.

Winners in each category

To read each winning story, simply click on its title below.

Under 18, non-native speaker

  • WINNER — “Saturday” by Anne CARBIENER
  • RUNNER-UP —“The Artist” by Joshua DRANESAS

Under 18, native speaker

18 and over, non-native speaker

  • WINNER — “Do Panic. An Island Survival Guide” by Marlene JÄGER
  • RUNNER-UP — “The End” by Jasmin HEISING

18 and over, native speaker

  • WINNER — “Unexplored Territory” by Mary GORMAN
  • RUNNER-UP — “The Tick” by Mike WRAITH

The Short-listed Stories

The Competition Committee and the judges would like to congratulate all 72 writers who entered this year’s competition, especially the short-listed writers listed below, for their contribution in making this year’s competition a success.

Strasbourg Write a Story Competition 2017

Under 18 Non-Native English Speakers

“Saturday” by Anne CARBIENER – Winner

“The Artist” by Joshua DRANESAS – Runner Up

“Apples are Red” by Quentin SIEGRIST

“Over the Moon” by Milena AXENBECK

“Gone” by Jana EL-AGHAR

Under 18 Native English Speakers

“The chipper flipper and the civil cynic save Sunnydale – sort of” by Hannah SMITH – Winner

“Acid Rain” by Estelle BRANNAN – Runner Up

“A Name for Death” by Lorna KLEINSORGE

“Her True Love” by Anastasia BELIKOVA

“Big Girl” by Masha WESTERVEEN

Adult Non-Native Speakers

“Do Panic. An Island Survival Guide” by Marlene JÄGER – Winner

“The End” by Jasmin HEISING – Runner Up

“Dead Ends” by Marie-Anne HICKEL-WRIGHT

“Poseidon” by Alexandra CONSTARATAS

“Bitter Little Pill” by Andrei Ilie POPESCU

Adult Native English Speakers

“Unexplored Territory” by Mary GORMAN – Winner

“The Tick” by Mike WRAITH – Runner Up

“Passage” by John QUINN

“I am Fine” by Joana SIMOES

“The Allotment” by Frances Mary GRAY