3 Feb workshop – Fairy Tales and Writing in English


Join us for this double-topic workshop, led by Bohumila Ottova

“Once Upon A Time” Writing Story Time

We all have our favourite fairy tales. They nourished our childhood days and impacted our minds. There are fears that we have not feared till the end, there are joys, laughter that will always remain. Fairy tales are wells of emotion and thus of inspiration. Get on the “Once Upon A Time” train with us and shape them to your liking.

Foreigners Writing in English and Getting Published

Being a foreigner writing in English. How to do that? What does it take? How to get over that prevailing feeling that you are “a fraud”? How to write a story, send it to a competition and get published? To learn that and to start your writing/publishing journey, equip yourself with your favourite pen, exercise book, and open up your mind to all the possibilities in our online workshop session.

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