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— Deadline for submission — 24 February 2023 —


  1. Before you submit your story, please read the Competition Rules. It’s very important that you’re familiar with the requirements beforehand to avoid delays in processing your entry.
  2. Next, fill out the Entry Form below and attach your short story, which can be no longer than 1200 words in length and MUST be in PDF format (the system will not upload it otherwise).
  3. Please use the following naming convention for the PDF file name:  “[your family name]-[your first name]-[name of story]” (e.g., Smith-John-The Winter’s Edge).
  4. Your file should only include your story title and story. Do not include your name, email address, or other identifying information in the story itself. This is to protect your anonymity and therefore assure impartiality during the pre-screening and judging processes.
  5. ENTRANTS 17 AND UNDER:  You may enter the competition for free but you MUST attach your proof of age in the form of your passport or ID card, in PDF format, in the space provided on the form below.
  6. Hit the Submit button.  A message should display confirming that you’ve submitted your entry.
  7. After submitting your entry, please pay your entry fee using the link below the Submit button (18 years and older only).
  8. When you hit the Submit button, you will receive an email at the address you give below acknowledging your entry.  Once the Organising Committee has received both your Entry Form, story, and payment (if required), you’ll receive a message confirming your entry. The process is not automated and may take a few days.

We wish you the best in the competition and look forward to meeting the writer within you!


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