Under 18 Non-Native Speaker WINNER — 2020



by Jacob KORADIN




Imagine not being able to move, paralyzed, your arms and legs feel like cement. You want to scream for help, but you can’t. You can’t even breath, something is on your chest, a boulder, and you can only take small breaths that get tinier with each breath. You are trapped; your body becomes a prison impossible to escape.

The time-projecting alarm they had bought last week was throwing the time against the ceiling, 2:58 AM. She decided to turn to her boyfriend and get a few more hours of sleep before she had to go to the precinct. The only obstacle being that she can’t move, her body had turned into cement, something that she couldn’t move. Something heavy on her chest kept her from breathing normally. Her head cemented to the pillow making each breath a challenge of itself.

With confusion and a pinch of panic, her eyes wandered through the room searching for an explanation as to why she couldn’t move. With nothing but the waning moon shining in, through the sloping windows, there was not much to see.

“Dan, you need to call 911, something’s wrong,” but all that left her mouth was a faint growl.

Becoming more terrified which each second of her paralysis her eyes hushed through their bedroom searching for help.